Investment Process

Fundamental to client success

Our well-defined investment process is a fundamental driver of the success we provide.

Developed around the components of flexibility and diversification, our process encourages the engagement of specialists as they work together to deliver innovative solutions through a combination of their individual expertise and collective financial management experience.

Our investment process

Access to our expertise

As our client your unrestricted access to our expertise is delivered through a single point of contact in the form of a dedicated investment manager. Your investment manager draws upon the collective expertise of in-house committees dedicated to the financial disciplines of strategic asset allocation and investment selection.

By utilizing the research and recommendation of our specialist teams, your investment manager is able to transfer their findings into solutions that are relevant to you, your circumstances and your wishes.

We believe that this contemporary flow of research helps us to deliver solutions that perform above the specific expectations of each client under our care.

Asset allocation framework

Although no two portfolios under our management are the same, each portfolio we construct shares a common approach to multi-asset investing, which provides us with the flexibility to deliver a service that is entirely focused on achieving your goals.

We begin our approach by identifying your goals before selecting a combination of assets that will perform in line with your investment profile and appetite for risk. We allocate assets with a dynamic understanding of where we believe risk-adjusted value is most present under the following components;

Liquidity - Asset classes that are not tied down by multi-layer objectives and are easily transferred into cash during times of market distress. Such assets include government and high-quality corporate bonds.

Equity level risk - Securities, such as stocks and shares present a close correlation to global equity markets. In times of market volatility value can depreciate, however, equity assets have a long-standing and proven history of substantial growth.

Alternatives - Assets that can be used to reduce portfolio risk through a negative correlation of other allocations such as equities and bonds. Potential alternative asset placements adhere to rigorous screening before being included as risk diversifiers.