Our Culture

Culture driven by success

We believe that our culture was born as a result of our independent status, enabling us to better serve clients under our values of integrity and our ethical approach to investment. To this day our employees embrace the culture that we believe sets us apart through a collaboration of performance as leading financial professionals and through the service dedication to meet client needs.

Our Mission

Our business is financial planning, investment management and holistic wealth management. How we deliver our core service offerings is what makes Tatsuno International different.

As our client we stand by the following guarantees;

Proactive professionals

We seek to identify your investment motives, determine your goals and provide impartial advice across a range of financial disciplines. We take the time to understand you as an investor, as a person; ultimately as a client that we are wholeheartedly responsible towards.

Trust and transparency

Your best interests, and that of your financial wellbeing, are at the forefront of all that we do. Our decisions, in consideration of your investment preferences, are made without bias and are executed under our ethical investment policies. We believe that our decision making processes promote sustainable, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Independently focused

As a boutique provider of customized financial solutions, we do not sell in-house products and we avoid conflicts of interest. As such, we are able to design wealth and investment solutions around the needs of each client by selecting globally diversified opportunities based on an impartial assessment of what we believe will provide clients with performance above their expectations.

Absolute returns. Absolute results

Ultimately we are judged on our performance as financial professionals and by the administrative services we provide. Our investment philosophy dictates that investment returns are absolute. Our performance is therefore judged on positive returns irrespective of benchmarks and the greater market as a whole. We do not hide behind a weakening economy; instead, we react to market movements by capitalizing upon value-based opportunities that emerge as a result of economic shifts.

Investment Process

Investment Process

Our well-defined investment process is a fundamental driver of the success we provide, which we believe is fundamental to the success of our clients.
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Investment Research

Investment Research

An extensive research resource that is credited for our ability to make the right investment decisions on behalf of our clients.
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